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February 16, 2017

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We Cleaned Up Camp Balcones!

April 1, 2017

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A 13 year old's take on a week long backpacking trip to Arkansas

 Nathan Deolloz, 13 years old, recently went on Camp Fire's Backpacking Trip to Arkansas for the week of Spring Break. Here's what he thought of the trip and his experience with Camp Fire's Backpacking Club:


I recently participated in the backpacking trip to Arkansas, and the Heifer ranch event that went along with it. After a 12 hour drive to our car camping site, we set up tents for the night after some dinner. The next day, we drove the vans for a bit then hiked four miles to our camping site. The hike down was mostly downhill, and it was very muddy and cold. Along the way, we saw an old house near our camping site, and learned about some of its history. An old woman had lived in it, farming for a living, with little contact from the outside world.  We got to explore the house, and even the attic. (Which a few people found pretty scary, for fear of ghosts, and also of the floor caving in.) After looking at it for a few minutes, and also enjoying the break that came with it, we continued on to our camp site.


Once there, we all set up our tents and or tarps, with a nearby river providing water that could be filtered and used for drinking or cooking. After settling in, we cooked dinner by a fire, and got to talk quite a bit. The next day, we went on a day hike, and got to see a lot of cool views and interesting land marks, and even got to go in a cave! At one point, the group splintered off, some going on and visiting a waterfall, the others heading back to the campsite, worn from the day’s activities. I myself was very cold and tired, and I had hurt my wrist earlier, so I was happy to be able to head back. While we waited for the main group to get back, I and two other guys (Eric and Mitchell) gathered a large amount of firewood. We had decided that it would be warmer to sleep out in the open by a fire (In our sleeping bags, of course) than to sleep in the tents. Keep in mind, it was twenty degrees out, and we were jumping at the idea of anything that would be warmer than our tents. (You could even try theorizing that our brains were frozen)


Unfortunately, this plan didn't end up tur