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Did you know that Camp Fire members still earn emblems, recognitions, and even go to summer camp? Here at our Council we stay true to the values and goals of Camp Fire since we began in 1910. We help young people to Find Their Spark. 

Our afterschool programs each include 5-6 clubs. Clubs meet Monday Thru Friday and provide ample time for Social Emotional Learning Texas Essential Skills, based curriculum that we develop to give our students the best Camp Fire experience possible. 

Learning about the stars, understanding patterns in nature and The Fibonoci Sequence, learning about native, and invasive species, building fires, archery, all of this happens at their clubs. 

When summer comes, our good friends at the Andy Roddick Foundation hold summer camp right at the schools for all of the students. Club members can even come out to our very own Camp Balcones at Emma Long Park. 

At Camp Fire we believe in the power of community. We believe that each community is stronger because of the people in it. We believe that our club members make their community a better place. 


Please reach out if you'd like to help!

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