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Full STEAM Ahead!

Camp Fire Afterschool offers small group experiential learning which incorporates outdoor-based experiences, hands-on activities and project based learning. Youth participating in Camp Fire Afterschool will engage in activities complementing TEKS curriculum through STEAM-based (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math) learning. Afterschool is a nurturing, constructive, and fun environment for young people to discover their spark - their unique skills and passions - and adopt a growth mindset.


Throughout the semester, youth learn outdoor skills and environmental stewardship principles. Our programs encourage personal growth by incorporating THRIVE methodology, an evidence-based approach to youth development through a Social Emotional Learning framework.


Camp Fire Afterschool Programs focus on Enrichment, Education & Exploration. We engage young people in hands-on lessons that build curious, caring, and confident adults. Using curriculum aligned with state standards, Camp Fire Afterschool promotes the development of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Camp Fire believes in the power of nature to awaken a child's senses, curiosity and spark an ongoing desire to learn.




Are you interested in working with young people to develop their STEAM knowledge and love of nature? We have Afterschool Instructor positions available.

Interested in bringing outdoor education to your group? Contact to learn more.

"You’re going to need the information you learn at Camp Fire, like putting up tents and information about nature. You can be an expert and it will totally amaze your parents!"

Ingrid, Camp Fire Youth

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