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Backpacking Club

Join Camp Fire's Backpacking Club

Camp Fire's Backpacking Club involves you and your family with what we know best - being outdoors!


Camp Fire offers backpacking adventures that are affordable for both individuals and families. Trips are available year-round for beginners, experts, and everything in between. Don't own a tent? Don't worry - members of Camp Fire can borrow equipment from our Gear Closet and be on their way. You will learn skills with fellow adventurers such as how to light a fire, paddle a canoe, set up shelter, and prepare meals over a campfire, all while ‘Leaving No Trace.’ Outdoor experiences foster friendships, individualism, and lifelong stewardship skills


How do I get involved with Camp Fire's Backpacking Club? It's simple.


1. Register yourself for a Camp Fire Membership. To attend any of Camp Fire's Backpacking Trips, you must have your membership up to date. Annual memberships for individuals are $30.00.

2. Attend Backpacking Orientation or contact Backpacking Coordinator Mina Loomis to determine if any pre-trip meetings are required for your trip.

3. Choose your trip below, let us know if you need to rent gear, and we'll see you on the trail!

Most trips are weekend-long and suitable for both beginners and more experienced campers. There are also more advanced backpacking trips scheduled for a week or longer. Outdoor Clubs are led by long-time Camp Fire volunteers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Please contact our Volunteer Backpacking Coordinator to learn more.


 Camp Fire Backpacking

Sample Event Schedule

Backpacking Orientation:  Contact Mina Loomis to schedule Backpacking Orientation and inquire about upcoming events.


Inks Lake State Park - Great for all ages and abilities. Early December

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - Great for all ages and abilities.  Mid/Late January

Lost Maples State Natural Area - Great for all ages and abilities. Late March

Pedernales Falls State Park - Great for all ages and abilities. Late April


"It’s just like a field trip at school, but it’s making you go places you never would have gone before."

Andrew, Camp Fire Kid

Who can join?


The general rule is that participants should be 12 years or older,  have parental approval, and/or a guardian attend with you. If you have a child under 12 years old who wishes to come on backpacking trips, please inquire with a staff member. Camp Fire is inclusive and welcomes all genders, backgrounds, and orientations.


You must also be a Camp Fire member to join a trip. 


What are the fees?

For weekend Backpacking trips, fees are generally around $30 per participant for a one-night trip, and $35 per participant for a two-night trip. The week-long trips are generally $225/participant with a $60 deposit. Don’t forget one great benefit of being a Camp Fire member – free gear rental! Gear rentals are issued on a first come - first served basis.


When are the trips?

We offer one or two-night weekend trips throughout the year at local state parks. A week-long trip is offered during the winter holiday season and during the summer. Check the calendar above to see upcoming trip dates.


Can I apply for a scholarship?

Camp Fire Central Texas believes all children, regardless of economic status, should be able to experience Backpacking. Please contact the Camp Fire office for a scholarship application. We rely on the generosity of others to fund these scholarships and cannot guarantee that all applications will be funded.


Wait, I don't own a tent?!

Camp Fire has backpacking equipment (tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, etc) which members can borrow. We recommend reaching out to family and friends to see what supplies you can borrow to ensure we have enough equipment for all.


Contact Camp Fire Central Texas to learn more.

512 - 349 - 2111 




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